We hope this FAQ page will help you with any questions, but please never hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email for any questions not answered here.

What makes us better?
We believe it’s our reliability, efficiency and honesty.  We do what we say we’re going to do. Good communication from start to end of the project, honest advice and looking after the customers interests. Why? Because we want them to tell their friends and family positive things and get us back for every project they do in the future.  We also work around the client : some examples include

  • Nursing Home – we’ll work nightshifts to bring minimum disruption to staff and patients.
  • Factory- we can come in at 5pm on a Friday, work the weekend and staff return on Monday morning to a brand new look without any hassles.
  • Domestic – we work around the client for whenever suits them. We will leave the property clean with furniture put back if need be.  Indeed many of our clients choose to go on holiday whilst we are renovating their room(s) knowing it is in safe and trusted hands.  How fabulous to come home to a brand new look, all clean and ready to use.

These are just some examples and provides an idea of how flexible we can be.

What’s our aims?
To be the company of choice whenever anybody hears of a project or wants a project done themselves. All we ever ask of any job is that we get the chance to quote. From there the client will see how knowledgeable and helpful we are whilst providing the best quote possible for the exact works needed.

Who do we do work for?
Some of our prestigious clients include SRJ Windows, D&G Autocare, Charles Rennie Mackintosh Glasgow School of Art, Cancer Research, Holiday Inn, Vaporized, The Elgin Estate, Johnston Carmichael and of course architects and builders,

Who are our ideal customers?
In truth anybody that wants a trade of any sort from Domestic to Commercial.  We do a lot with historical buildings.  The very intricate work isn’t for your standard painter and demands expert knowledge of techniques, materials and finishes.

How do you know know these aren’t just words?
We are on a journey to make sure our families and staff have a strong, stable and good future. The only way to do this is to fulfil what we promise every single time and give genuine, honest, first class workmanship.

How long will the project take and what will the costs be?
Every project is different and it’s the same with costs.  However, we can assure you that we will do everything to make sure all projects are done in the quickest time frame possible, never compromising on quality. This is one of the reasons we are able to offer a service second to none by looking at different options in order to be as effective as possible with both your and our time.

What projects do we mainly undertake?
We are now in the situation where all the foundations are laid for ANY project whether it be your home,  a factory, hotel, nursing home or historic building: we can choose the right tradesman from our staff knowing that project suits their exact skill set.

What trades do you cover?
We cover all trades.  This means that you can call us regarding any project and we can organise everything from start to finish. We will sit down and discuss the project to fully understand your requirements.  We may even make suggestions for your consideration.  We can project manage the complete works leaving you free of any worries or stress